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Desserts. Unicorns. And Nathaniel Davenport. What could go wrong?

Josephine Golshan tried to forget about Nathaniel Davenport. But when her grandmother passes away, Josie and Nate are thrown together again while they try to salvage a dying bed and breakfast.

“Sydney has a way with words that brings excitement from page one and will keep you flipping pages until there’s nothing left to read.”

– Lindsey Rayner Barnes, Reviewer and Book Editor
Guardians of Agalrae

Will the darkness inside devour them and destroy the world? If you like a clean fantasy series with a touch of romance, relatable real-life struggles, and stories that inspire you, you’ll love to binge read the Guardians of Agalrae series.

Equestrian Memoir

How can she love an aggressive horse? Get the devotional coloring-book memoir one reader called, “A powerful read that does not disappoint.” If you like true stories, faith journeys, and the love between a girl and her horse, this is for you.

The Astrorse Races

He’s devastated. She’s moving on. Then their daughter is paralyzed in a horrible accident. Journey into the second-chance sci-fi romance one reader described as “a story of how…even when all seems hopeless, there is still hope.”

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