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About The Author

Inspirational Romance Author in Fantasy and Sci-fi Realms

Sydney Scrogham

Born and raised in Virginia, I (Sydney Scrogham) have always loved horses and books. I have been a horse owner for over 14 years and moved to Indiana to be with the love of my life that I met on Twitter! While in Indiana, I taught horseback riding lessons to individuals with special needs. I now live in northern Alabama with my family where I write under the watchful ownership of a miniature dachshund.

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Book Trailers and Interviews

Endorsement Quotes

“Chase is an adventure into a world of wonders. It is a Narnia meets My little Pony with a dash of Alice in Wonderland thrown in.” ~Tony Kohler, author of The Quixotic Faction

“A brand new horse book, Chase, will draw you in from the very first page… This compelling story is like no other horse book I’ve read before.”