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Nephtali’s Gift

In order to shape-shift, Nephtali has to combine his body with Luna’s. There’s never been a Gift of Accountability before. Will that be enough to hold Nephtali back from his dark heritage? Will he be able to forgive himself for allowing Luna to sacrifice her Gift to save him from banishment?

Long before the Guardians entered Agalrae, Alicorns struggled against the shadows of Entioch. Nephtali, firstborn son of the Imperial Herd stallion, is ready to receive his gift from the Creator and defend his family. But unlike other Alicorns, Nephtali was born from light and shadow. Will the Creator’s gift move Nephtali away from his inner darkness, or will it plunge him down a path that destroys everything he loves?

“Wow! This concept is so unusual. Can’t wait to find out what happens next :)”


“Another! Another!”